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Buy Daily Car Insurance From Just One Day

You can get a daily car insurance policy to cover you up to 28 days giving you comprehensive cover. This is a type of temporary car insurance designed to allow people to drive other cars, other than their own, legally on UK roads.

There are many different instances where you may require insurance for just one day or longer. Getting a policy for a short period of time is a lot cheaper than getting an annual policy and a temporary policy can be renewed consecutively. This means that if you get a policy for a few days and then need a few more days cover you can do.

Temporary daily car insurance policies

Most daily short term car insurance policies provide comprehensive cover, in most cases this is the type of policy you will want. Generally you will be driving someone else's car or a car that you do not own so you will want to make sure any financial costs do not come directly out of your pocket should the car become damaged.

When you get a day car insurance policy it does not affect your no claims cover on your normal annual insurance. This means that if you are involved in an accident you will not lose your no claims bonus.

This is a useful policy to have if you need to drive a car that is no owned by yourself. It may be that you are taking a new car for an extended test drive over a day or a period of days. Some dealers allow you to take a car to see if it suits your needs such as checking if car baby seats fit or if you have large items that need you to be able to fit in the car. Many people want to see if a new car will fit into their garage with enough room to get out.

The policy will also cover you for travel to the European Union. Useful if you are borrowing a car to go on holiday or driving a friends car around Europe. Most short term insurance holders do however just use the policy to drive round in the UK.

Under 21 daily car insurance

Whilst a temp car cover is becoming a popular solution for obtaining a policy for a few days there are however some drawbacks. For most of us we will have no problem in getting cover as we will have a proven driving record and be driving a standard family car.

You may find it difficult if your situation is covered by one or more of the following circumstances.

  • You are under 21 years of age
  • You want to get cover for a performance or modified car
  • The car is in a high insurance group
  • You have points or driving convictions

As with standard car insurance these factors would usually just increase the cost of your premium, possibly to a prohibitive level. With a daily policy because you are only taking out cover for a very short period of time the insurer would be exposing themselves to a higher risk of a claim being made.

For many drivers where one or more of the above circumstances affect you there is a good chance that you will not be able to get a car insurance policy. You may want to consider an alternative such as a monthly pay as you go insurance instead. This allows you to buy cover a month at a time and is currently the next best thing to daily insurance.

A daily car insurance quote can be obtained online, there are no long forms to fill in like you would have to complete for your normal annual insurance policy. You can pay online with your credit card and even print the documents out on your printer if you need to drive the car straight away.

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